Unsettling Times Unshakable Faith - DVD

Unsettling Times Unshakable Faith - DVD

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Reclaiming the passions that once changed the world:

Ron and Doug Hutchcraft provide powerful encouragement for a time when much has been lost. Be encouraged and motivated with practical insights and biblical perspective, equipping you with confidence and boldness in Christ for such a time as this. 

DISC 1 - "Let Me See The Boss" - Ron Hutchcraft

DISC 2 - " A Different Kind of Christian" - Ron Hutchcraft

DISC 3 - "No Greater Cause" - Ron Hutchcraft

DISC 4 - "Dynamic Obedience" - Doug Hutchcraft

DISC 5 - "Nothing to Fear" - Ron Hutchcraft

DISC 6 - "Lion on a Leash" - Ron Hutchcraft

BONUS DVD: Faith Promise Presentation