Hope When Your Heart Is Breaking
Hope When Your Heart Is Breaking

Hope When Your Heart Is Breaking

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Paperback. 192 pages.


You've lost someone you love. Or you're on the brink of losing your marriage. Your dreams. Your health. Or perhaps the trauma of your past pursues you into the present. Your life's going to change. Which way it goes won’t be decided by your loss, but by the choices you make.

Losing means grieving.

Grieving means choices.

Choices mean hurt or healing. 


At the crossroads of grief, one road will lead to hope and healing. The other, to more hurt.

Hope When Your Heart Is Breaking is an honest look at both roads, and how your greatest loss can lead to your greatest gain.

Author Ron Hutchcraft writes from the deep well of his own devastating loss and grief, and points you to the practical steps that lead to peace and wholeness.

This book is a pathway to hope–a roadmap through the pain of grief and loss. Discover new strength through a new closeness to others and to God. And make the decisions that lead to comfort, growth, and life.

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