Eternity Eyes & Legacy Lives - DVD

Eternity Eyes & Legacy Lives - DVD

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One week! It’s the final weeks of Jesus’ life – and it takes up one-third of the Four Gospels!

From Jesus’ Countdown Week to the Cross, His work and His mission will explode across the world.

Ron Hutchcraft unpacks practical insights from the final week of Jesus, with powerful teaching relevant for every follower of Jesus. Ron explores themes of struggles, hope, priorities, leadership, urgent living for the Gospel, and more.

What Jesus’ life was about in His final week, is what our lives need to be about until the day we see Him.

Discover a legacy life that changes eternities and lasts forever!

SESSION 1– Week Zero

SESSION 2– Fourth Quarter Fire

SESSION 3– The Crushing Place

SESSION 4– Magnificent Magnet

SESSION 5– The Resurrection Revolutions

SESSION 6– Graduation Day

SESSION 7– RHM Ministry Update

Ron & Doug Hutchcraft

SESSION 8 CD– Session Notes