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Are you restless? That’s how it begins for many believers, with a tremendous sense of restlessness. You become dissatisfied with your life; you are hungry for something more. So you ask yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” Is this all there is?

If you really want your life to count, if you really want a life that matters - Take people to heaven with you!

Those that don’t know Jesus are tragically headed toward a Christ-less eternity. Like a drowning person in an ocean tide, they need rescuing. A trained professional lifeguard would be the ideal solution, but what if the beach has no lifeguards? What happens then to the endangered swimmer? They are dependent upon someone, anyone there to be their rescuer. They need someone strategically placed where they are. And that’s you! You are His ambassador, His lifeguard! Start Rescuing Now! Make the greatest possible difference you can make with the rest of your life!

We are all positioned to introduce people to Jesus. But are we prepared? Questions about "how to" talk to people about life's most important relationship are everywhere. What people really need is the "want to"! Finally, a curriculum with both!

Ron puts aside Christian lingo and religious assumptions, and encourages and equips you to live as an ambassador for Christ. This practical, ground-breaking curriculum will ignite your church to change your community forever.

With stories, Scripture, and study questions after each chapter, "A Life That Matters" is ideal for small groups or personal devotions. You'll walk away ready to change your world.

A Life That Matters Small Group curriculum includes:

  • 11 - A Life That Matters books  
  • 10 - A Life That Matters guidebooks  
  • 10 - Yours For Life tracts
  • 10 - Yours For Life cards
  • 1 - DVD Video Curriculum

What People are Saying...

“This study gave me the confidence and the boldness I needed to speak to people about Jesus. Ron introduced me to this idea of being a rescuer. It’s simple to understand, It’s straight forward, and anybody can do it.”


“As a pastor, I find A Life That Matters is a great tool in equipping people to be able to share Christ in an effective way in our culture.”


“This study is a great reminder that you don’t have to go halfway around the world to find someone that needs Jesus. This has really opened my eyes and changed the way I look at my day to see opportunities I have to touch other people for Jesus.”


“Ron’s approach is so clear, concise and down-to-earth and very workable for a lay person to share with a neighbor or a friend.”


“As a coordinator of small groups at our church, I found A Life That Matters easy to understand, challenging and personal. It has great use of Scripture as its foundation, which is something I always look for.”


“Ron Hutchcraft has really encouraged me to live a life that matters, and that’s much more than a book title or a cliché. It all comes down to just one thing and that is taking people to heaven with you.”


Information for Small Group Leaders

Below is a list of the parts of each session, followed by a brief explanation.

  • Objective - Each session has a specific objective that is connected to the overall objective of the "A Life That Matters" Small Group Video Curriculum—to prepare believers in Jesus Christ to make the greatest possible difference with the rest of their lives.
  • Read - Encourage your group to read the chapter(s) of "A Life That Matters" Book for each session beforehand to get the most benefit out of Ron’s presentation and the discussion.
  • Warm-up - These questions/activities are somewhat optional, but are designed to break the ice, bring the group together, and prepare for the session discussion.
  • Focus Questions - These questions lay a foundation for the video presentation.
  • Video Segment #1 - Play the DVD to view the introductory and first segment for the session.
  • Video Notes - Encourage group members to jot down notes or ideas during Ron's short presentations.
  • See It! (Observation) - These questions are designed to review and clarify the content of what Ron said in the first video segment.
  • Think About It! (Reflection) - These questions allow participants to personalize the objective in the session.
  • Do It! (Application) - These questions encourage participants to implement and practice the contents of the session.
  • Video Segment #2 - Play the DVD to view the second and shorter segment to conclude the session.
  • Assignment Review - Because many of Ron’s closing remarks include important insights, these questions seek to drive these insights home and clarify the assignment for the week.
  • Session Notes - The key Scriptures and other outside references from each session are listed in the "A Life That Matters" Guidebook.